The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series


Terms of entry into a Questars Adventure Race

Questars Adventure Races are organised by Quest – The Great Outdoors Ltd. (Quest)

If you enter another person into a Questars Adventure Race, it is your responsibility to make them aware of the following terms and conditions.


By entering and taking part in a Questars Adventure Race you confirm and declare that:

  • You meet the entry requirements
  • You take part at your own risk, are fit to do so and, if necessary have consulted your doctor and followed their advice
  • You have read, understand and accept the terms of the disclaimer


  • You will ensure your details, provided on your entry, are all correct and up to date before you start
  • You will provide us with the name and phone number of the person you would like us to contact in an emergency
  • You will inform us beforehand of any relevant medical conditions or allergies to drugs that you have


  • You will see the medical team and/or the Event Director if there is any dispute about your ability to take part or continue to do so, and their decision is final
  • You will stop if directed to do so by a marshal, and will not continue again until told to do so
  • You will follow the instructions of all marshals on the day of the event, including when parking (both on and off-site), and when getting on and off the water at the kayak transition


  • You/your team will return/hand-in your scoring/timing device (which you will collect at the event) immediately after you finish (or withdraw) and before leaving the event
  • You will cover the replacement cost of your scoring/timing device if you/your team fail to return it in time and in a useable condition
  • You are responsible for making sure your scoring/timing device is securely fastened during the race
  • You will not be provided with a replacement scoring/timing device if you lose or damage yours during the event


  • You will use your mobile and the emergency number printed on the course map to let us know if, for any reason, you won’t make it back to the finish before the course closes
  • You will head directly back to the finish if you are running late and you won’t visit any more checkpoints (as the furthest checkpoints will start to be removed before the course closure time)


  • You or another member of your team will wear the race number (wristband), which will be available for you to collect at the event, at all times during the race.
  • You understand that the event organisers (Quest) cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss resulting from circumstances beyond their control
  • You are responsible for all your personal possessions at all times, and any such items that you leave in transition or with any marshals/event staff, you do so entirely at your own risk


  • You will read the final details (participant information and race details etc.) which will be added to the event page on the Questars website before the event
  • You (or at least one member of your team) will attend and listen to the race briefing on the day
  • You will stick to the permitted routes, as defined on the course map, at all times during the race, and will get clarification from a member of staff before you start if you are in any doubt about what routes you can/can’t use for each discipline (run, bike & kayak).
  • You will act in a responsible manner at all times during the race and will not unduly damage the ground or do anything that might adversely affect the countryside or other people’s property


  • You will notify us at least two weeks before the event if you wish to transfer your place to another event, and all transfers will be subject to the terms of our transfer policy
  • If you find someone else to take your place, you will make that person aware of these terms and conditions
  • You understand that if for any reason you can’t take part you will not receive any refund


NB. It is highly unlikely that an event will be cancelled. Over the past 15 years, a one-day Questars event has never been cancelled (though the final stage of a two-day race was curtailed – remember Q2 Exmoor 2012?). If the weather throws up difficult challenges, we will adapt our plans to ensure the event continues to go ahead as planned, if it’s safe to do so, and we expect participants to do the same e.g. by adjusting their travel plans if needed. We've had unseasonal snow before and, in the spirit of adventure racing, the event still went ahead as planned!

  • You understand that Quest reserve the right to cancel the event either in whole or in part, or curtail it if necessary, due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control including, but not limited to, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism, severe weather or adverse ground conditions or if advised to do so by the police or other statutory bodies or if any circumstances arise which in our reasonable opinion would cause the race to be hazardous for participants, marshals or spectators, or if one month before the race the minimum number of participants required for the event to proceed has not been reached
  • You understand that in the unlikely event that the race is cancelled then notification will be given on the Questars website ( and/or emailed to all participants as soon as a decision is made. You are therefore advised to check the website noticeboard and your emails (including your junk folder) at regular intervals in the lead up to race day, and again before travelling to the event especially if the weather is forecast to be severe.
  • You understand that if the event is cancelled, either in whole or in part, then you will in our sole discretion be issued with a credit note. You will not receive a refund or rebate of any money you have paid due to the costs already incurred and of issuing refunds.
  • You understand that, as a result of cancellation or curtailment of the event, Quest will have no responsibility whatsoever for any third-party costs that you have incurred including, but not limited to, travel, parking and/or accommodation




I fully understand that the events organised by Quest and in which I will be participating may include an element of personal risk.

I therefore understand and hereby state that I participate in all such events organised by Quest entirely at my own risk and I hereby acknowledge that Quest and its employees, directors and shareholders shall have no responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever in respect of our participation in any events organised by Quest.

I grant Quest the right to use photographs and video footage taken at a Questars event in which I appear, including for marketing purposes in any medium. In addition, I allow Questars' official charity partners to use photographs and video footage from events, in which I appear, for their own purpose of promoting Questars events.

I agree to abide by this disclaimer and the terms and conditions of entry.





  • Minimum Age

i) You, and all your team members, are at least 16 years old on the day of the race and any members of your team under the age of 18 will be accompanied at all times during the race by an adult (i.e. a member of your team who is over 18 years old), or

ii) You have contacted the organisers (Quest) prior to entering to let them (Quest) know which race you wish to enter, the number of people that will be in your team and their respective ages on the day of the race, so they (Quest) can advise accordingly

  • Ability to Swim

If you opt to kayak (i.e. enter the Trio race)…

i) You, and all your team members, can swim (50m minimum), or

ii) You let the organisers (Quest) know the names of any people in your team that can’t swim





You can transfer your entry (i.e. whole team) or a individual places (i.e. individual team member's places and not the whole team) over to another adventure race (subject to availability), either in the same calendar year or the following calendar year, providing...

  • It hasn't previously been transferred to another event (places/entries can only be transferred once)
  • You let us know by email before the transfer deadline (i.e. at least two weeks before the event)
  • You pay the transfer fee if applicable plus any difference between the two entry fees

A transfer fee of £10 per person applies to all transfer requests received less than one month before the event. The deadline for receiving all transfer requests is the Friday two weeks before the start of the race.

Unfortunately we're not able to transfer any places or entries after the transfer deadline as significant non-transferable costs will have been incurred in the expectation that all entrants will take part in forthcoming event (e.g. venue fees, hire of electronic scoring device, printing of maps, permissions & licences etc.). We are therefore sadly unable to accept any last minute transfer requests whatever the reason - this includes unforseen circumstances, injuries, family emergencies etc.


To request to transfer your entry (or place) to another race, please reply to your entry confirmation email and add 'Transfer Request' to the subject title or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your entry ID number (which the team leader can find by using their email address to log in here).

If you don't want to transfer the whole entry (i.e. all team members), remember to let us know the names of the people whose places you want to transfer.

If you don't know which adventure race you want to transfer your place(s)/entry over to that's not a problem - you can let us know this information at a later date when you've made up your mind.


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