The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series


Official Charity Partner

The official charity partner of the 2020 Questars Adventure Race Series is SPARKS

Sparks is a children's medical research charity.

One in three children with a rare condition won't live to celebrate their fifth birthday. Sparks child health research can save their lives.

By partnering with Sparks, Questars Adventure Races hopes to raise as much as possible to help them find the treatments these critically ill children so desperately need.

For critically ill children, there really is no time to lose.

Sparks. Registered charity no. 1003825 (England and Wales) and SCO39482 (Scotland).



Charity of the Year

  • 2020 Charity of the Year - SPARKS

Each year Questars Adventure Races makes a charitable donation to our designated Charity of the Year. You can help support our Charity of the Year by paying for your entry with a debit card, rather than by using a credit card.



to SUPPORT our

CHARITY of the Year


It costs us alot more in payment processing fees when you pay by credit card. So you can help us reduce our costs by paying for you entry with a debit card. If you do this and pay for your Questars adventure race entry by debit card, not only will the saving be used to help keep the price of entry fees down in the future, but we'll also make a donation to our Charity of the Year from the money saved.

In 2019 it cost us up to 29 times more to process credit card payments (than if a debit card had been used to make the payment)!

Thank you to the 65% of people that used a debit card to pay for their entry last year. In doing so, you supported our charity of the year and have helped to keep our entry fees down.

Over £2000 has been saved in credit card processing fees to date.

So remember, next time you enter online, use a debit card and help us to help others!




Supporting Charitable Causes

Questars adventure races have supported a number of local and national charities over the years, which are close to our hearts. These include the following...

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